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There are many benefits to learning a language. Mostly it's about making new friends or forming relationships with people from different cultures or different parts of the world.

When I lived in Israel many years ago, a French girl from Paris came to visit her sister – my roommate's girlfriend. We were thrown together because her sister and my roommate were nearly always engrossed in conversation (or kissing and cuddling). She knew hardly any Hebrew and no English - and I knew hardly any French. I only had the French I knew from Hugo's French In Three Months. And it was woefully inadequate. We became quite attracted to each other, but we struggled to communicate – it was impossible to share our feelings (and desires) for each other. After a few weeks, she returned home, both of us feeling frustrated. That was the end of our relationship, whatever there was of it!

Knowing a language makes traveling so much more enjoyable. You get to experience aspects about a country and its people that elude most tourists. Of course, your opportunities are also greatly increased. You have much greater choices as to where or with whom you'd like to work.

If you enjoy traveling – as I do – then you'll no doubt have experienced many situations when you're with a group of local friends or acquaintances but you're in a little fog on your own because you can't participate in the conversation.

The first few months of being in Israel was excruciating in this way. My roommate could speak fluent English and when we were with his friends they would talk to me politely for a while. But they soon switched back to Hebrew as they became engrossed in some discussion or started bantering with each other and cracking jokes. I used to feel completely left out. I smiled inanely – completely missed out on the laughter - and struggled to understand what was being said.

I've always loved languages. But I'm not a linguist and don't pick up languages naturally. I've experimented with many different ways of learning a language and have followed many courses, including PILL, Linguaphone, Hugo, Teach Yourself and the BBC courses.

The Rapid System was developed gradually due to various frustrations at trying to learn languages the traditional way (check this out if you're interested in the background).

If you've got family or friends in Israel then you will want to share their interests and become more involved with their lives. Knowing Hebrew facilitates this process.

For instance, you may want to understand the Israeli perspective of many of the issues affecting the region. It helps if you can understand the news at the source, rather than through the distorted perspective of the English/American media.

There's also something about knowing a language that gives you a more intimate feel for the country and its culture. Imagine being able to actually understand the lyrics of all those lovely Hebrew songs!

If you are religiously inclined then you will be amazed at how the prayers, psalms and texts leap out at you under a new light of understanding. Most English translations of the texts seem dry and convoluted. It can come as quite a shock to discover that the language is quite direct and intimate. Almost cocky! For instance, elyon, which is often translated as 'he who is most high' simply means 'top'. G-d is the tops! You will find that the prayers will no longer seem quite so distant or rarified.

Of course, a major benefit to learning any language is that it stretches and broadens the mind. You will find that you will experience your own life from a different perspective. You will feel more intelligent (because the act of learning a language makes you more intelligent). And it will open your eyes and ears to a new culture that is otherwise a closed book.

This course has been designed to be completely effortless. It taps into our subconscious abilities to learn by association and our inner ear's ability to listen to our speech and fine tune it – without necessarily having to understand the grammatical reasons behind it.

The system we have developed is really easy. Find out more about how it works.

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